If this is your first time adding a bank account, you'll go to your 'Wallet' tab and hit the 'Add Cash' button. Click the button to 'Add Linked Account'. There are two different ways to add a bank account.

First, you can use Plaid to link your bank account, so you'll follow their security protocols and flow. None of your credentials will ever be made accessible to Mythia, so your privacy is protected.

If your bank isn't listed through that service, you'll choose the 'Account and Routing Number' option. Once there, follow the prompts and enter your information accordingly. With this process, you'll see microdeposits in your soon-to-be connected account. These DEPOSITS are two different transactions, under a dollar each, that are used to verify that you've successfully connected to the right bank. Once you receive those microdeposits, you'll log back into the Mythia app, enter those amounts, and confirm your linked account.

If you have already added an account, and want to add a new one, just go to the 'Settings' tab and click the 'Bank Accounts' tab. You'll be able to verify new bank accounts there.

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